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Innovative Roof Underlayment and More

A good roof is critical to a reliable home, and IMOC Building Supplies has all of the materials you need to build a solid roof that will endure for generations to come. We offer metal roofing, asphalt shingles, and cedar shakes, as well as cutting-edge underlayments. With delivery services in the Sheridan, Montana, area, we bring the materials right to your door and make building the perfect roof easy.

A Next-Level Roofing Material

Go beyond your standard roofing felt with our Titanium UDL30 and PSU30 products. When used together, these products offer a solution for all of your roofing needs. Designed with safety, security, and simplicity in mind, Titanium is revolutionizing the sloped roof industry.

Take advantage of UDL30's advanced polymers, which deliver a synthetic roofing underlayment that can be used under any type of primary roofing materials. The gray color provides cooler working surfaces, and work with up to 6 months of UV exposure. With Titanium's patented Sure-Foot technology, you'll keep your footing on the steepest of roofs, no matter what the weather is. With a 48' width and a 250-ft run length, these 10-pound rolls easily replace those cumbersome 30-pound felt rolls.

As UDL30 is 100% synthetic, it's unaffected by water. This means that it's 100% inert to mold. It won't wrinkle, and you can leave your roof uncovered without the need for tarps or a dry-in. Combined with an exceptional tear strength, the fact that it's 20 times stronger than traditional felt, and doesn't leach oil, harden, or crack, choosing Titanium will give you a big edge in your productivity and profits.